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Would you be interested in helping us?  We are in need of drivers to take hot, nutritious meals to those who need our help.  The outcry for help is stronger than it has ever been and we are busIer than ever at CCK.  If you can help with driving meal, please call 778-617-3000, Ext 2, to sign up today!

These dedicated drivers come to the church to pick up the food, they drive each meal to various locations and they bless each family who they deliver to.  Several of our long time drivers love their routes and they not only pray for the families that they deliver to, but they invest in their lives!  A simple conversation at the door leads to opportunities to share with these families WHY we are doing this.  These drivers are literally the hands and feet of Jesus - caring for the community in such a simple way.  

As our program grows, we are in need of 20 more drivers.  This will give us the opportunity to expand to other communities and to split up some of the very long routes.  As well, during the summer many of our drivers will be taking time off. 

So, if you are able to help us, please call Lindsay at 778-617-3000 or email her at LINDSAY'S EMAIL.  Even if it's only once a week - or twice a week - or every other week - we need you and we would be so grateful for your help!