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Did you know that the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program is associated with the Cloverdale Community Kitchen?  These two connect, not only in the same building, but with the same mission - to help the homeless, hungry and hurting in Cloverdale.  If you feel led, we would love for you to join the Coldest Night of the Year walk that walks through Cloverdale.  Not only to raise funds for the continued work in this community, but also to raise awareness for what these charities work to accomplish in this area.

Why do we walk? 

To raise funds and awareness about the homeless, hungry and hurting in Cloverdale. 

Check out the 2017 Coldest Night of the Year video below

When do we walk?

Saturday February 25th (registration opens at 4PM, opening ceremonies at 4:55PM, walk at 5:15PM)

Who walks?

Anyone and everyone!  If you have a heart for people in need in the Cloverdale area, come and walk with us!  Invite your friends and neighbours.  Start your own fund-raising team, join an existing team, or just show up on Feb 25th and WALK. 

There is a $25 registration fee.  Walkers who raise $150 do not have to pay the registration fee.  Don't feel comfortable asking people for money?  That's okay, just come and walk.  Invite people to walk with you - the registration fee goes towards our goal.  Every bit counts!

What do the funds go towards?

The Cloverdale Community Kitchen (CCK) currently serves more than 150 meals a week.  This is nearly 8000 meals a year!  The Kitchen also works to resource individuals in need in our community through the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program, the Emergency Weather Shelter and by networking with other social helping organizations in the area to help individuals better their lives!  The CCK is partnering in this walk with Options to continue to fund the Bill Reid Memorial Shelter - a 16 bed homeless shelter and transition house.  The CCK has a close relationship with Options through the Hyland House shelter, the Bill Reid shelter and the Emergency Weather Shelter.  Together the goal is to continue to support residents as they make positive steps in their lives. 

Funds help to keep the kitchen operational.  It costs money to keep the equipment in working order, turn on the power, coordinate volunteers, put on meals, plan new initiatives and community supports, etc.

Where do we walk?

  • 2 km walk
  • 5km walk
  • 10 km walk
  • Rest stops will be available on all routes.
  • We will walk around Cloverdale.  Maps will be available at the Welcome Desk. All routes will be well signed.
  • Route marshals, rest stop attendants, and sweep vehicle drivers will be available for support along the route.
  • All riders 12 and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

How do we sign up?

Sign up on line here:  This website will give you all the details you need to know that haven't been answered here.

Thank you for supporting our community!