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This past year the Cloverdale Community Kitchen has been faced with a huge challenge of providing food, clothing and shelter for more families than ever before.   We have risen to the challenge and we have become an essential service, providing the very basics for our community!  We never want to turn anyone away.  With the added challenge, comes additional costs. 

The RIDE FOR REFUGE is a fundraiser that we are asking YOU to be involved with.  On SEPTEMBER 18, we want to take the day to ride and provide for those who are struggling!  Leading up to this day, we are asking YOU to get involved - become a CAPTAIN, join a TEAM, or DONATE to help this very worthy cause.  If you are a business, consider MATCHING FUNDS (up to your choice of a maximum). 

What are we raising funds for?  We never want to turn anyone away and we have now come to a situation where we need to upgrade our cooking facilities in order to keep up with the ongoing needs of our community.  We want to double our efforts to feed the hungry.  The kitchen upgrade will come at a cost of $100,000!  Our Ride for Refuge fundraising goal is $25,000, a start to raising the overall cost of the upgrade.  

 We can't do this without you!  Would you be willing to be a TEAM CAPTAIN - or JOIN A TEAM check out this link here to sign up:  REGISTER HERE  Or would you be able to donate towards this cause?

To donate, CLICK HERE

We are so grateful for you and your generosity!