We are excited to have a community garden right here in our parking lot at CCK. It started with the dream of being part of growing local, organic produce and having a common ground for people of different ages, cultures, and abilities to come together and learn together.

We have been functioning around a shared gardening approach.  Individuals and families interested in being involved share in all the responsibilities of the garden - weeding, digging, planting, watering, harvesting and Fall clean-up. 
They also share in the rewards of the produce.

Over the years we have grown a variety of veggies including broccoli, kale, onions, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, swiss chard, fennel, beets, carrots, peas, turnips and herbs.  Growing fruit has been a highlight, especially for the kids when they are working in the garden. From berry bushes to fruit trees, we are expanding and experimenting every year. This year we are also trying to bring more beauty to the space by adding flowers to the garden. These are especially popular with the bees in hives on the other end of the parking lot.  

While small and always in a state of learning, we take great delight in participating in creation care as we steward a small corner of land in our parking lot and discover what amazing rewards can come when we invest a bit of time and energy into the ground right at our fingertips.  

There will be opportunities for planting, weeding, watering and harvesting throughout the garden season.

If you would like to be part of an email list to receive information about specific dates and schedules, please email us at cloverdalecommunitygarden@gmail.com