The Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program serves the Cloverdale, Port Kells & parts of South Surrey only from the Fraser River to 0 Ave (North-South) & 196 St to 164 St (East-West)

Registration process begins on November 21, 2016 and closes on December 6, 2016

Must apply in-person at the Pacific Community Church office 5337-180 St, Cloverdale during office hours:  Monday to Thurs from 10AM to 1PM (Nov 21 – Dec 6).

  • One hamper per household address.
  • Applicant must provide all of the following:
    1. Government-issued photo ID, such as a Driver's License, BC Services Card, BCID, or passport.
    2. Proof that you live in Cloverdale, Port Kells or part of South Surrey within our boundaries, such as a recent bank statement, Social Assistance stub, rental agreement, phone or other utility bill.
    3. Medical Services Plan (MSP) Card (CareCard) for the applicant AND for each additional individual included on the application.
  • Failure to produce all required documentation above will result in an incomplete application. If you do not currently live in this catchment area, you will be referred to other community agencies for holiday help.
  • Applicants registered with any other hamper organizations, churches, helping agencies or Christmas Bureaus, are asked NOT to submit this form.  We work in collaboration with the other agencies and check for duplication.  Duplication may result in forfeiture.

Hampers will be available for pick up at Pacific Community Church (5337-180 St.) on Saturday December 17 from 10AM to 1PM. 

In addition, we are in touch with other agencies. If you have applied for holiday support with another agency, you will not be eligible for support at the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program.

For inquiries call (604) 574-4001 ext 100 or e-mail [email protected] and we will attempt to return your call as soon as we are able.