The CCHP welcomes many families each year.  This means that over 200 children between birth & 18 years old (approx 80 are teens).  Each year we set up a room where parents can shop for at least one gift item for each of their children to gift to them on Christmas Day.  

We welcome new, unopened toys and gifts for children birth to 12 years old.  Each year we find that we receive fewer gift items for boys between ages 7 and 12, please think of donating for this demographic, especially.  

Because youth between 13 and 18 years old have different interests and needs, we are not always able to accommodate gifts for that age, depending on our donations.  We hope to provide a gift card for these teens each year.  Consider purchasing gift cards to a local mall, Walmart, sports, accessories or clothing store, or send a cash donation so that we can purchase gift cards for these older children.  

NOTE:  Gift Card donations must include the activation receipt with the gift card in order to verify the amount and purchase in order to receive a tax receipt.  Individual cards must have a value of $5 or more in order to be eligible for a tax receipt.  Please be sure to include your full name, address and phone number with your donation.

Other ways to donate:  

You can make a credit card donation directly to the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper Program using the green button below. Please select Christmas Hamper Fund under Giving Type.