With the generosity of donations through their Christmas Kettle Campaign, each Christmas Gateway of Hope has been able to help over 500 people with groceries to get through the Christmas season. 

Their Christmas hampers are for single community members, couples without children, and seniors living in the Langley / Aldergrove area.  If you apply to the Cloverdale Christmas Hamper program and live outside our boundaries, you may be referred to this or another program in your area.  We work closely with the other hamper programs in the area to cross-reference applications.

Registration is mandatory and starts the first week of November. To register one needs to bring personal identification (and that of your partner if applicable), confirmation of address, and income verification.  Visit their website here for details.

For those families with children(18 yrs and younger) in the Langley area, please contact the Langley Christmas Bureau for hamper assistance.